Weighing Scale Card

Excellent quality range of Weighing machine motherboard, display, power supply(charger) Card / PCB at most competitive prices.
Highly accurate and stable( upto 80000 counts at full load)
Fully programmable for all capacity ranges
easy to operate.

weighing motherboard with on board power supply at very reasonable price.

double sided pcb

note:-listed price is for card only(without keypad and display)

display pcb price extra @ 32 rupees per display and keypad @ 10 rupees per keypad.

note:- single sided pcb motherboard card also available at Rs 20 lower than the base price of cards( i.e at Rs. 170 only)
see following for detail:-

taxes extra

Price: Rs 190.00
Rs 190.00
SKU: embt-05
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