free video lectures must be for every embedded engineering students and can download these lectures from youtube or nptel's website however if you are having any problem in downloading you can get the lectures in data DVD(FLV format) from us by paying only courier charges(depends on area/location and type of service required normal delivery or express).

1.Embedded Systems: Introduction:-
2.Embedded Hardware:-
3.PIC: Instruction Set:-
4.PIC Peripherals On Chip:-
5.ARM Processor:-
6.More ARM Instructions:-
7.ARM: Interrupt Processing:-
8.Digital Signal Processors:-
9.More on DSP Processors:-
10.System On Chip (SOC):-
12.Memory Organization:-
13.Virtual Memory and Memory Management Unit:-
14.Bus Structure:-
15.Bus Structure 2:-
16.Bus Structure - 3 Serial Interfaces:-
17.Serial Interfaces:-
18.Power Aware Architecture:-
19.Software for Embedded Systems:-
20.Fundamentals of Embedded Operating Systems:-
21.Scheduling Policies:-
22.Resource Management:-
23.Embedded - OS:-
24.Networked Embedded System:-
25.Networked Embedded Systems - II:-
26.Networked Embedded Systems - III:-
27.Networked Embedded Systems - IV:-
28.Designing Embedded Systems:-
29.Designing Embedded Systems - II:-
30.Designing Embedded Systems- III:-
31.Embedded System Design - IV:-
32.Designing Embedded Systems - V:-
33.Platform Based Design:-
34.Compilers for Embedded Systems:-
35.Developing Embedded Systems:-
36.Building Dependable Embedded Systems:-
37.Pervasive & Ubiquitous Computing:-