free video lectures must be for every embedded engineering students and professionals.

1.Embedded Systems: Introduction:-
2.Embedded Hardware:-
3.PIC: Instruction Set:-
4.PIC Peripherals On Chip:-
5.ARM Processor:-
6.More ARM Instructions:-
7.ARM: Interrupt Processing:-
8.Digital Signal Processors:-
9.More on DSP Processors:-
10.System On Chip (SOC):-
12.Memory Organization:-
13.Virtual Memory and Memory Management Unit:-
14.Bus Structure:-
15.Bus Structure 2:-
16.Bus Structure - 3 Serial Interfaces:-
17.Serial Interfaces:-
18.Power Aware Architecture:-
19.Software for Embedded Systems:-
20.Fundamentals of Embedded Operating Systems:-
21.Scheduling Policies:-
22.Resource Management:-
23.Embedded - OS:-
24.Networked Embedded System:-
25.Networked Embedded Systems - II:-
26.Networked Embedded Systems - III:-
27.Networked Embedded Systems - IV:-
28.Designing Embedded Systems:-
29.Designing Embedded Systems - II:-
30.Designing Embedded Systems- III:-
31.Embedded System Design - IV:-
32.Designing Embedded Systems - V:-
33.Platform Based Design:-
34.Compilers for Embedded Systems:-
35.Developing Embedded Systems:-
36.Building Dependable Embedded Systems:-
37.Pervasive & Ubiquitous Computing:-